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TSHO - 2

Touching Sticks | Hands On – Spec Ops: The Line

We keep choosing games with colons in the title, so please excuse the title gore of these last two episodes. This week …

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Deus Ex

Touching Sticks | Hands on – Deus Ex : Human Revolution

And we are back. We have taken a long hard look in the mirror, seen the ghostly face of our dead podcast …

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The Chums play Gang Beasts

Multicoloured chums murder each other for your entertainment. Blue: Kerenza Yellow: Joe Green: Jacob Red: Kelly

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Gaming’s stand-out moments in 2014 (so far!)

2014 is halfway done, and so far it’s been a pretty great time for gaming. Whilst its usually the holiday season that …

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Touching Sticks 009 – Games we wished had a sequel

Starfox Adventures. So not really any point in listening to the podcast now right? If you would like to hear some other …

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