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Touching Sticks | Hands On – Dead Rising 3

These last few weeks we have been playing Dead Rising 3, a Capcom Vancouver and Xbox One launch title. The sheer amounts …

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TSHO - 2

Touching Sticks | Hands On – Spec Ops: The Line

We keep choosing games with colons in the title, so please excuse the title gore of these last two episodes. This week …

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Deus Ex

Touching Sticks | Hands on – Deus Ex : Human Revolution

And we are back. We have taken a long hard look in the mirror, seen the ghostly face of our dead podcast …

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TS 33 – Just the Tip

      Touching Sticks is back from our Christmas sabbatical(?) and we are really going to go try and tackle some …

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TS 019 – DMC: Devil May Cry

Join Alex, Joe and Jacob in discussion regarding: Jaeger, fertility, sausage fest, STD Tag, & our Games Club nominee, DMC: Devil May …

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Touching Sticks 015: Games Club – Silent Hill

While this podcast may be really late, every cloud has a silver lining and considering this gave everyone more time to complete …

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Touching Sticks 013 – Games Club: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon

The one where Alex goofed up. So Alex’s audio managed to bend space time and needed insane amounts of editing so we …

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Podcast image xcom

Touching Sticks 010 – Games Club: XCOM Enemy Within

In this week’s episode we cover the first of our Games Club instalments: XCOM Enemy Within. While for the first part we …

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