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Touching Sticks – Dark Holes 3?

We know we’ve let you down, but we just needed space okay? Yeah I guess we talk about Destiny again. Oh and …

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TS 36 – Chub a Dub Dub

Welcome back to Touching Sticks, where we are once again joined by our lord and saviour, Afro Beech. This week we talk …

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TS 33 – Just the Tip

      Touching Sticks is back from our Christmas sabbatical(?) and we are really going to go try and tackle some …

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mr Frodo

TS 29 – Too hairy backs to rule them all

“For they were all deceived, for another stick was forged in secret in the fires of Catalan.”

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Destiny isn’t that great, so why can’t I stop playing it?

Developer Bungie have done some incredible things. They defined the first person shooter genre decades ago with Halo and, in the same …

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TS 27 – Destiny Complainicast

The Touching Sticks gang try to not complain about anything for one week, and subsequently complain about Destiny for 30 minutes. Enjoy.

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The Final Games of 2014

The Chums explore the bloated rear-end of 2014 and all the incredible games contained within its holiday period.

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TS 26 – Bronycast

Welcome to Joe says bad things: Podcast Edition. Luckily we’ve been saved from Her Majesty’s prison service with some careful editing, although …

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Gaming’s stand-out moments in 2014 (so far!)

2014 is halfway done, and so far it’s been a pretty great time for gaming. Whilst its usually the holiday season that …

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