A Visceral and visual podcast


You want news two months late and opinions about games you have already played? Or, do you perhaps have an interest in watching two morons try and figure out how to play the first-person cleaning game Viscera Cleanup Detail?

Well, if the answer to either of the above questions is “yes” (or, even more troublingly, if the answer to both is), then you are in for a treat. That, and I am worried about you.

In this visual podcast, Joe and Alex take on all of the latest in games, movies, and news from… September. Sorry, that is what happens when I have to edit down nearly 2 hours of footage of us cleaning a space station.

Yes, these were the hottest of takes on No Man’s Sky (#Spoiler – we don’t hate it), Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Nioh, Suicide Squad, and fan remakes of classic games. We probably touch on other things too – but at this point everything we say just sounds like white noise to me.

Not interested in all this delicious gaming goodness? Then don’t worry – because I have an edit especially for you. The super short, “I’ll get the mop” edit. Here you can watch me screw-up and generally not understand that I am meant to be doing, knocking over buckets and making a mess as I go.

If you enjoy this format tell us in the comments, or hit me/us up on Twitter. We can make more, and may even be timely with them. Also, on the off chance you would like the audio for future visual podcasts posted independently on the Touching Sticks feed, let us know.

Finally, Jacob is on a bit of a power trip at the moment and seems to have locked me out of the gallery (power hungry maniac). So ,if this post goes up without an image, blame him.

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