Joe Plays Apotheon


Joe’s the centaur of attention in Olympus as he massacres his way through Ancient Greece and its myriad of God’s, Demigods and all-around assholes.

Apotheon is free on Playstation 4 this month on Playstation Plus, and I’d highly recommend you check it out. It’s a Metroidvania brawler through Ancient Greece and it’s got some really neat ideas.

I’m probably about half way through the game at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. The visuals are ripped straight from cracked Greek pottery, erect phallus’ and all. It’s not just the visuals that lend this game it’s charm, however. A weighty combat system effortlessly makes every minute a unique (and hilarious) one. Swinging maces and thrusting spears into well endowed Greeks never really gets old, especially on the rare occasion that they explode into a cloud of gore.

Exploring the depths of Hades and crossing the River Styx was an early highlight, and despite its simple visuals the title really channeled the darker sections of Dark Souls II. Swapping out my shield for a torch left me vulnerable but at least able to see. Hades was also a great display of Alien Trap’s intent for all the excellent lore and mythology Ancient Greece provides: The devs don’t waste a bit of it, squaring you off against hulking beasts and classic Gods throughout its ten hour run.

The game offers a lot of options; a bevvy of weapons – melee and ranged alike – allow you to change things up on the fly, and once you get used to the initially daunting controls I was able to perform a heck of a lot of cool stunts in the middle of a battle. If you haven’t checked it out, stick it on your download list and give it a go, even if it’s just to see some pottery boobs.

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