The Chums play Binding of Isaac Rebirth


In this raw and (mostly) unedited Opposable Chums, the Chums get to grips with the excellent The Binding of Isaac Rebirth on PS4. If you’ve been keeping up, we recently award BOIR our Game of the Year award.

This video was actually shot on launch day (November 4th) and we (read: I) have just been too lazy to bring you any new videos. My apologies. Starting this week, normal service will resume and your weekly Chums fix should be on time.

Isaac is very much a full-run sort of game, so there’s hardly any editing in this video. In this, the first of two parts, Joe and Kerenza come to grips with some cool powers, hunt Mom and get cancer, before Kelly and Ridley have to see if they can best their record. Their (probably awful) attempts will be uploaded in the near future.

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