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The Chummies

2014 is on its way out. With a week before we all have to work it out of our muscle memory when we …

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Destiny isn’t that great, so why can’t I stop playing it?

Developer Bungie have done some incredible things. They defined the first person shooter genre decades ago with Halo and, in the same …

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Is Japan losing touch with an industry they defined?

I’m part of a generation of gamers that sometimes feels a little forgotten. Growing up in those early days of gaming we …

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The Selfish Jerks of Watchdogs

Serious story spoilers follow. Everyone’s an asshole in Ubisoft’s latest open world action game, and here’s why that’s a good thing. A …

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Gaming’s stand-out moments in 2014 (so far!)

2014 is halfway done, and so far it’s been a pretty great time for gaming. Whilst its usually the holiday season that …

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The Hidden Gems of the Steam Summer Sale

So we’re about half way through the Steam summer sales, and I’m sure most of us are all feeling lighter for it …

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First-generation Nintendo dad

I am 33 and not yet a parent. Not that I was expecting to be at this point, but as the years …

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Alex’s Games of 2013

I think its fair to say that few years live up to the calibre of 2013. From the very beginning of the …

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