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A Visceral and visual podcast

You want news two months late and opinions about games you have already played? Or, do you perhaps have an interest in …

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Touching Sticks – Dark Holes 3?

We know we’ve let you down, but we just needed space okay? Yeah I guess we talk about Destiny again. Oh and …

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Touching Sticks | Hands On – Dead Rising 3

These last few weeks we have been playing Dead Rising 3, a Capcom Vancouver and Xbox One launch title. The sheer amounts …

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TSHO - 2

Touching Sticks | Hands On – Spec Ops: The Line

We keep choosing games with colons in the title, so please excuse the title gore of these last two episodes. This week …

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Deus Ex

Touching Sticks | Hands on – Deus Ex : Human Revolution

And we are back. We have taken a long hard look in the mirror, seen the ghostly face of our dead podcast …

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TS 36 – Chub a Dub Dub

Welcome back to Touching Sticks, where we are once again joined by our lord and saviour, Afro Beech. This week we talk …

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TS 35 – Mars Flakes

If you could be the first person to do something on a new planet, what would you do? Probably not the poop-splosion …

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TS 34 – Better Call Tingle

We have a Guest Star with us this week: the one and only Patrick ‘totally not Joe’ Stewart! Make it so. Talking …

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TS 33 – Just the Tip

      Touching Sticks is back from our Christmas sabbatical(?) and we are really going to go try and tackle some …

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TS 32

TS 32 – The Pageant Boys

We get together and discuss the latest and greatest in gaming, on the agenda this week: Binding of Isaac, Assassin’s Creed Unity, …

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TS 31 – Halloween Special

  Join Touching Sticks on a journey through the scariest games we’ve played as we discuss our Halloween favourites. Suggested talking points: …

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TS 30 – Quality podcasting begins at 30

For the last 29 episodes we have been cacooned, waiting to flourish into a golden butterfly of podcast success… Did we manage …

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