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The Chums play Nidhogg

The Chums endure the endless back and forth of Nidhogg, except for Kelly. Also, a bromance is put to rest… forever.  

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The Chums play Crawl

The Chums sit down to play the brilliant Crawl, a 4 player co-operative competitive dungeon crawler, and Kerenza has her heart broken.

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The Chums play Gang Beasts

Multicoloured chums murder each other for your entertainment. Blue: Kerenza Yellow: Joe Green: Jacob Red: Kelly

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The Chums play Fibbage

The Chums break all the rules and play Fibbage without America’s consent.

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The Chums play Surgeon Simulator

The Chums play Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition, sticking scalpels in people with disastrous results.

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The Final Games of 2014

The Chums explore the bloated rear-end of 2014 and all the incredible games contained within its holiday period.

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Sportsbros #001 – The Ballad of Mousasi & Belfort

Brad Bradley and Chad Chaddington brave the strange seas known as UFC, where everyone has the exact same voice. Knowing nothing about …

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The Chums play P.T.

Kelly, Jacob, Kerenza & Joe explore a recurring nightmare house. Do not listen to this video with headphones; we scream. A lot. …

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dark souls image

Touching Souls – Joe and Jacob play Dark Souls

After finding out a speed run was beaten by two people sharing a controller, in true opposable fashion, we decided to work …

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XCOM: Enemy Within

It was just 12 short months ago that I was singing the praises of 2K’s revival of the classic turn-based strategy game, …

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Opposable Chums – GTA V Online – First Play

Kelly and Jacob get to grips with Rockstar’s latest record-breaking title. Grand Theft Auto V’s much-loved online features have been on the …

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Resogun – Review

While the vertical coin-operated machines that once haunted beachfront arcades around the UK maybe becoming a part video game history, their legacy …

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