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Opposable Helldivers

3/4s of the Chums get to grips with Helldivers, the most dangerous pod-calling simulator on the market.  

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The Chums play Secret Ponchos

Down near the ol’ watering hole, the Chums get to shootin’ each other.  

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Joe Plays Apotheon

Joe’s the centaur of attention in Olympus as he massacres his way through Ancient Greece and its myriad of God’s, Demigods and …

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The Chums play Drawful

Drawful is the lovechild of Fibbage and Drawful, so the Chums played it and had lots of fun. You should play it …

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The Chums play Binding of Isaac Rebirth

In this raw and (mostly) unedited Opposable Chums, the Chums get to grips with the excellent The Binding of Isaac Rebirth on …

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The Games of 2015

The Chums musically explore their most anticipated games of 2015.

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The Chummies

2014 is on its way out. With a week before we all have to work it out of our muscle memory when we …

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The Chums play Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Chums get back to basics and play some split screen Blops with self imposed rules. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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A Fistful of Fibbage

The Chums play Fibbage again, and Kerenza reveals her darkest secret yet: She can be pretty funny when she wants to be.

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Jesus Plays Far Cry 4

What would Jesus do? Our video guide details exactly how our lord and saviour would lay waste to Kyrat, and also answers …

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The Chums play Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

The Chums sit down and face some ghosts on the BEST SURVIVAL HORROR GAME OF ALL TIME whilst casual misogyny is thrown …

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A Very Chums Halloween

In this very special Halloween episode, the chums meet Junior Detective Kidman, play with flares and stay up from dusk ’til dawn.

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