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TS 29 – Too hairy backs to rule them all

“For they were all deceived, for another stick was forged in secret in the fires of Catalan.”

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TS 28 – Countdown to New Years

In this week’s episode of Touching Sticks, we deviate slightly from our traditional formula (as let’s face it, no-one wants to hear …

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TS 27 – Destiny Complainicast

The Touching Sticks gang try to not complain about anything for one week, and subsequently complain about Destiny for 30 minutes. Enjoy.

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TS 26 – Bronycast

Welcome to Joe says bad things: Podcast Edition. Luckily we’ve been saved from Her Majesty’s prison service with some careful editing, although …

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TS 25 – Backstreet’s back

We are back and our sticks are now touching closer than ever in our first ‘Everyone on one sofa’ edition podcast. We …

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TS 24 – Outnerding the internet

You may remember listening to Joe rant about a certain Kotaku writer on the podcast (Too lazy to search for the episode) …

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TS 023 – Fee to Play

Apologies for the late running of this podcast, but don’t worry we have made up for it by picking on Alex especially …

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TS 22 – The Minivan

So after the excitement of E3, not much is actually happening right now in the way of game releases… We debate the …

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TS 21 – Post-E3 regret

Apparently something big happened last week? In this episode we tell Alex what trailers he missed from E3 and laugh about how …

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TS 20 – New wave neo podcastinism 101

Say goodbye to Games Club, because Jacob and Alex are too busy to do it, and that’s all that matters. We are …

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TS 019 – DMC: Devil May Cry

Join Alex, Joe and Jacob in discussion regarding: Jaeger, fertility, sausage fest, STD Tag, & our Games Club nominee, DMC: Devil May …

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TS 018 – The 56GB Man

In this week’s episode we talk about the wonders of .WebM files, and Godzilla/Tokyo fanfiction. Talking points: DMC, Titanfall, Oculus Rift, Dark …

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